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Hiking Circuits

a map of the two hiking circuits available at Anja Community Reserve

Two different circuits are possible when visiting Anja Reserve:

small icon representing the small loop hiking circuit

Small Circuit Loop will take two hours maximum. You will easily see families of ring-tailed lemurs, a variety of flora, two traditional Betsileo tombs and perhaps a natural cave or two.

small icon representing the large loop hiking circuit

Large Circuit Loop is a six hour hike to the top of the mountain. The large loop will allow a rest at the top of the mountain at 1400m, with a 360 degree view that includes Ambalavao 13km away.

a woman scaling the side of a rock using a vine as a natural rope

There is simple camping at the base of the mountain. There is currently no camping gear available to be checked out by the association. Spring water, pit latrines and an enclosed area for showering are available for campers and hikers.