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This ecological reserve is a dry forest nestled at the base of three, large granite mountains.

One way the association has offset the need for fuel wood resources inside the forest is to encourage and grow kininana or eucalyptus with tree nurseries in each of the surrounding communities for wood production and harvesting. Association members can receive additional seedlings for a nominal fee each year.

Anja Reserve has many types of species from around the island, including many plants of the spiny deserts in the south, the central highland mountains, and the western dry forests. The plantlife in Anja Reserve is extremely diverse, including several families of saxicol plants and orchids. There is a species of orchids that has previously only been found at the top of one of the granite summits in Anja.

A rare aloe plant found in Anja

Almost all plants in the reserve have medicinal properties. Although harvesting forest products is no longer a legal practice, association members can submit requests for needed plants found within the reserve, and can acquire a small amount for medicinal purposes. Despite western medicine and clinics quickly replacing traditional practices, the guides at the park retain a wealth of information based on traditional practices. If you are keen on seeing endemic plant species, make sure to indicate to your guide that you would like to go on a circuit that highlights the beautiful plant species of the reserve.