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Reserve Fees

Entrance Fees

An entrance fee is mandatory for all visitors entering the reserve. This fee is spent on the day-to-day maintenance of running the park and long-term projects the park has in the community. Anja Reserve does not receive substantial funding from any organizations, though the association receives technical support on a successful fish-farming project with a Malagasy non-governmental organization. By visiting Anja Reserve, you are helping to ensure sustainability of community development and the endemic beauty of Madagascar.

(As of 01/04/08)

Entrance Fees Prices in Ariary
Foreigners 7,000 Ariary
Students and Resident Foreigner with card 5,000 Ariary
National 500 Ariary

Guide Fees

A guide fee is also mandatory for all visitors entering the reserve. This fee is split between the primary guide and the guide-in-training. Tips are welcomed.

Guide Fees Circuits
Visitors Small Circuit (Less than 2 hours) Large Circuit (Half-Day)
1 to 2 people 10,000 Ariary 20,000 Ariary
3 to 4 persons 15,000 Ariary 25,000 Ariary
More than 4 persons 4,000 Ar/person 6,000 Ar/person

Camping Fee

Camping sites are available for 5,000 Ariary per night for a space for two people.


Throughout the year all vehicles can reach Anja Reserve. The road (Route National 7) connects Antananarivo (capital) to the reserve and is one of the best in the country, accessible year-round.